Annual Appointees and Ad Hoc Committees
Donna E. Cesan
Information Technology Consultant
Rob Wnuk
No. Berk. Solid Waste Mgt. District
Edward Driscoll
Hazardous Waste Coordinator
Donna E. Cesan
Town Counsel
Edmund St. John, III
Herman Bishop, Thomas Satko
Mary Beverly
Don Torrico
Ryan Contenta
Mark Kruzel
John Carchedi
Thomas Romaniak
Donna E. Cesan
Norman Rolnick
David Rhinemiller
Les Rhinemiller
Norman Rolnick
Mike Lahey
Chief Procurement Officer
Donna E. Cesan
Steve Skrocki
Emergency Management Director
Richard Kleiner
Bob Rumbolt
Mt. Greylock Advisory Board
Timothy Herrmann
Timothy Rowley
Erica Girgenti
Berk. Reg. Transit Authority
Erica Girgenti
Richard Kleiner
Kim Witek
Allen Mendel
Tim Cota
Right to Know Coordinator
Donna E. Cesan
Berk. County Reg. Planning Comm.
David Rhinemiller
John Duval
No.Berk. Community Action
2 Vacancies
Cultural Council of No.Berk
Linda S. Rhoads
Fair Housing Officer
Donna E. Cesan
Preservation Officer
Eugene Michalenko
Retirement Board
Patricia Wol
The committees and positions listed in this area are appointed annually by the Board of Selectmen.  To inquire about a vacancy, please call the Town Administrator's Office at 743-8300.  Please be patient as descriptions will be posted soon.