Office of the Town Administrator
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Administrative Assistant
Second Floor, Town Hall
8 Park Street
Adams, MA 01220
(413) 743-8300
(413) 743-8316
The Town Administrator is the chief administrative and fiscal officer of the Town. He supervises and is responsible for the efficient administration of all departments, commissions, boards and offices, except the Board of Selectmen. With the approval of the Board of Selectmen, he can create, reorganize, consolidate, or abolish departments, commissions, boards or offices under his direction and supervision.

He has jurisdiction over the rental and use of all Town property and is responsible for the maintenance of all town buildings. He is responsible for the preparation of plans and supervision of construction, reconstruction, and improvements authorized by the Town. He is responsible for the purchase of all supplies, materials, and books, except books and media for the library, and the award of all Town contracts.

The administrator appoints and may remove all town officials, with the approval of the Board of Selectmen, except for those specifically listed in Section 1A of the Town Charter. He may assume the duties of any office which he is authorized to fill by appointment.