"Are you OK?" Program
This system is operated free of charge by the Adams Police Department. The program calls the subscriber at the same time every day of the year and is open to older adults, disabled persons, shut-ins who live alone, or anyone in Adams who needs to be checked on daily. When the subscriber picks up the phone, he or she will hear a voice saying, "Good Morning, Are you Okay?". If the subscriber fails to answer the phone after several tries, or if there is a busy signal several times in a row, the computer immediately notifies the police dispatcher who will then send a patrol car to check on the person. When you are away, you simply notify the Police Department and they will stop the calls until you return. Everyone who signs up for this service will be asked to fill out a short confidential form with medical and other information the police may need in an emergency.

Is there someone you may know that could benefit from the "Are you OK?" Program? Please contact us for more information and applications.
Phone: (413)743-8333