Board of Health
413-743-8300 Department Ext. #179
Contact TypeContact Information
, Administrative Assistant Phone Ext. 104
, Health & Housing Inspector Phone Ext. 106
8 Park Street 
Adams ,MA 01220 
(413) 743-8300 Dept. #179
(413) 743-8309
Monday through Thursday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
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Board Members
David Rhoads, Chairman
Bruce Dale Shepley, Vice Chairman
Peter L. Hoyt
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Under Massachusetts General Laws, state and local regulations and community direction, Boards of Health are held responsible for disease prevention and control, and health and environmental protection and promoting a healthy community. Boards of Health serve as the local arm of both the Mass. Department of Public Health and the Mass. Department of Environmental Protection. To fulfill their duties, they develop, implement and enforce health policies, oversee inspections to maintain minimum standards for sanitation in housing and food service, and assure that the basic health needs of their community are being met.