Town Clerk
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Town Clerk
First Floor, Town Hall
8 Park Street
Adams, MA 01220
(413) 743-8320
(413) 743-8316
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Many of the duties of the Town Clerk are required by various sections of the Massachusetts Federal and Local Laws.
The duties of the Town Clerk's Office are many and include serving as:
Chief Election Official with responsibilities including running elections, preparing ballots, supervising voter registration, performing annual town census
Recording Officer with responsibilities including recording and certifying all official actions of Adams, recording state tax liens and Uniform Commercial Code filings,
Registrar of Vital Statistics, with responsibilities including registering all births, deaths and marriages in Adams, and preserving those records forever,
Public Records Officer with responsibilities including administering oaths to public officials, providing access to public records, providing certified copies of vital records and assisting in genealogical research, maintaining all town records, submitting bylaw and zoning bylaw amendments to the Attorney General for approval,
Licensing Officer with responsibilities including issuing state and local licenses and permits including hunting and fishing licenses, dog licenses and raffle permits,
Public Information Officer with responsibilities including responding to inquiries from the general public and other branches of government.