How often are property tax bills mailed?
Two (2) times per year, generally in the fall (October) and the spring (April).

If I pay my property tax bill late, will I be charged interest?
Yes, you will be charged 14% interest the day after the due date.

For mailed in payments what date do you go by?
The day it is received in the Collectors office, not the postmark date.

If I sell or trade-in my car after I paid my excise tax, can I receive a refund?

Yes, in most cases. You may apply for an abatement at the Assessor's Office.  If a refund is due you will receive it in the following month of abatement.  Refunds are done once a month.

What forms of payments are accepted in the Collectors office?

Cash, checks or money orders, NO CREDIT CARDS in the office, but you can pay online with a card or check with fees at the owner’s expense.