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11 - Police
ss. 11-1. Composition of department.
ss. 11-2. Powers and duties of chief generally; presence of officer at station.
ss. 11-3. Care of station and annual report.
ss. 11-4. Suspending police officers and report.
ss. 11-5. Special officers.
ss. 11-6. Engaging in outside activities while on duty.
ss. 11-7. Reporting of accidents.
Section 11-1. Composition of department. The police department shall consist of a chief of police, captains and such number of police officers as the board of selectmen shall deem necessary. (Bylaws 1960, art. 8, ss 1.)
Section 11-2. Powers and duties of chief generally; presence of officer at station. The chief of police shall be the head of the police department, subject to the general supervision and control of the board of selectmen. He shall have control of the department, its officers and members and constables and special police officers when in the service of the department. He shall be responsible for the discipline and efficiency of his department and shall enforce the rules and regulations thereof. There shall be an officer assigned to duty at the police station during all twenty-four hours of the day. The chief of police shall keep an account of all duties performed and of all absences from duty, with the causes thereof. He shall take notice of all nuisances, defects and obstructions in the streets and other public places in the town and shall take over all proper measures relative thereto. He shall devote his whole time to the duties of his office and shall have his office at the police station. (Bylaws 1960, art. 8, ss 2.)
Section 11-3. Care of station and annual report. The chief of police shall have the care of the police station, of all property of the town used by the department and shall keep a full and complete record of the police department's business. He shall make reports at such time as may be required by the board of selectmen, regarding the doing of his department. He shall annually make a written report to the board of selectmen, to be printed in the annual town report, of the organization and condition of the police department, with a resume of the business and expenses of the department for the preceding year, together with such recommendations as he may think advisable for the future conduct of the department. (Bylaws 1960, art. 8, ss 3.)
Section 11-4. Suspending police officers and report. The chief of police shall have the power to temporarily relieve from duty any of his subordinates for neglect or nonperformance of duty, for any act contrary to good order and discipline or for the violation of any of the rules and regulations of the police department. In such case, he shall within forty-eight hours furnish the board of selectmen, in writing, a statement of his reasons for relieving such subordinates from duty. (Bylaws 1960, art. 8, ss 4.)
Section 11-5. Special officers. The board of selectmen, at their pleasure or upon written request, may appoint citizens of the town of good moral character and habits and twenty-one years of age or over, as special police officers for specific duties. Appointments shall be for a period of one year, unless terminated sooner by resignation or revocation by the board of selectmen on recommendation of the chief of police. All special police officers shall be subject to the authority of the chief of police and shall not carry firearms except by his express authorization. Badges and instructions as to their duties shall be furnished by the police department. (Bylaws 1960, art. 8, ss 7.)
Section 11-6. Engaging in outside activities while on duty. The chief of police and each regular member of the police department shall devote his entire time to the business of the police department. Any other activities must have the chief of police's approval. (Bylaws 1960, art. 8, ss 5.)
Section 11-7. Reporting of accidents. It shall be the duty of each police officer patrolling a regular beat to immediately report all accidents happening on the public way involving injury to persons or property for which the town may be liable, and he shall make a careful investigation, securing the names and addresses of all persons involved and witnesses thereto. He shall incorporate the same in his report to the chief of police, who in turn shall make a full written report immediately thereof to the board of selectmen. (Bylaws 1960, art. 8, ss 6.) 1. For law of the commonwealth as to police officers generally, see G.L., c 41, ss 96 to 101. As to powers and duties of police officers generally, see G.L., c. 41, ss 98. As to proposal and enforcement of rules and regulations governing police by board of selectmen, see ss 2-8 of this Code. As to the filing of false reports with police department, see ss 9-2. As to escaping or attempting to escape from police custody, see ss 9-6. As to personnel generally, see ch. 10.